The Center for Digital Information seeks information designers, interactive programmers, researchers and journalists collectively expert at developing state-of-the-art interactive methods for communicating information.

A significant "language barrier" exists between researchers and technical types that contributes to the research community's failure to widely adopt new modes of interactive presentation. Therefore, a central capability of the Center is bridging these two worlds — research/data collection and new media development — with the common purpose of creating quality information. The Center's staff and fellows will be models of the "researcher-developer," ones capable of bringing the latest new media techniques to disseminating findings and data in ways that maintain the integrity and intent of the original research.

In addition to its ability to facilitate collaboration by speaking the various languages of stakeholders and participants, CDI will have the necessary skills to create the new interactive products that result from this collaboration. These may include capabilities in information graphic design; Web development; Flash/Silverlight animation and scripting; Javascript, AJAX, XHTML/CSS and related techniques; Web-database integration; data analysis and visualization; graphic design and illustration; multimedia production; digital journalism; cartography; and mobile platform development.