Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Track Data Trends, Digital Innovations with CDI's Dashboard

by Jeff Stanger


CDI's new Dashboard is an interactive tool for those involved in policy research who seek to re-imagine their content so it better fits the digital information landscape.

The Dashboard aggregates the key data trends of this new landscape, drawing on reliable sources such as Nielsen and the Pew Research Center to chart the unfolding story of how people's behaviors and technological change are combining to reshape the public dialogue. It provides a one-stop shop for indicators that are useful to policy researchers, program officers and communications strategists — from the average time per month spent watching online video to the demographics of broadband users.

How can policy research stay relevant and influential in an always-on, connected world? The Dashboard goes beyond the data that describe that new world to showcase how some are adapting to it — by unshackling policy research from traditional forms of presentation such as white papers and issue briefs, and experimenting with databases, interactive mapping tools, civic games and tablet applications.


Come take a look. What data trends are missing? Which innovations seem effective? Share your feedback.

Comments welcome...