Proposed Projects of the Center for Digital Information

The Center for Digital Information's three activities — production, collaboration, and leadership — will be undertaken on a range of topics and information sources. Below is a list of projects under development. It consists of five topic-specific projects: health information, education, economics, the environment, and international affairs; three projects targeted at important data sources: government data, the 2010 census, and the 2010-2012 elections; and a special project focused on new technological platforms for communicating research findings. The Center will also develop new projects based on the priorities of its funders.

Topic Projects

CDI Health

health care
public health
global health
children's health and mortality
adult and childhood obesity
reproductive health
food safety
health technology

CDI Education

education outcomes
higher education
early childhood education
education financing
school choice
special education
test scores

CDI Economy

economic growth
unemployment and jobs
national debt
budgets and deficits
personal spending and debt
housing and real estate
sustainable development

CDI Environment

climate change
green industry
natural disasters

CDI International

homeland security
human rights
global development
international diplomacy
military defense
international public opinion

Data Source Projects

CDI Census Project

The Center for Digital Information's Census Project will focus on using the latest digital methods and platforms to create rich, interactive, visual explorations of the data generated by the 2010 U.S. census. Working in concert with CDI's Government Data Project, the Census Project will bring the skills and expertise of its leading information designers, programmers and researchers to bear on an extensive, vitally important, and highly visible data source — the decennial census of the United States population.

CDI Government Data Project

The Center for Digital Information's Government Data Project is tasked with building informative, interactive tools that help citizens, policymakers and organizations navigate the volume of raw data made available by U.S. governmental agencies. The current administration's effort to make more government data available via venues such as has resulted in access to thousands of raw datasets. However, this flood of data is not useful unless successfully interfaced. CDI's Government Data Project will use the latest interactive methods of data dissemination — visualizations, rich Internet applications, and interactive databases — to create informative resources from these important, but currently unfriendly, data sources.

CDI Campaign Project

The Center for Digital Information's Campaign Project will develop a series of interactive information graphics and rich data applications surrounding the 2012 presidential campaign. Its primary sources of information will be public opinion surveys and voting data.

Special Projects

CDI New Information Platform Project

The Center for Digital Information's New Information Platform Project explores the possibilities of new and emerging information platforms — such as Internet-enabled mobile devices, touch-interface platforms, and tablets — to deliver research and data from think tanks, government agencies, and NGOs. The Project furthers the CDI's mission of translating policy research into the native language of interactive media, but focuses its efforts on platforms beyond the Web browser.