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iPad Competitors Gain in New Tablet Market Share Data

According to recent survey data from the Pew Research Center's Project on Excellence in journalism, tablet penetration in the United States stands at 22%. Q3 2012 tablet market share data released November 5 by International Data Corporation (IDC) show Samsung, Amazon and others gaining ground on the Apple iPad. These figures are pre-iPad-mini.

Tablet Market Share (Q3 2012)

Source: International Data Corporation (IDC)

Q3 2011Q3 2012Change
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No. 10.1

Blackberry's Loss is iOS's and Android's Gain

According to the latest data from comScore, 110 million people in the U.S. own smartphones as of June 2012 (out of a total of 234 million who own any mobile phone, including so called feature phones). Other available data from Nielsen show that smartphone penetration has reached 50% of mobile users for the first time (as of March 2012), up from 19% in June 2009. This trend can be viewed in full on the CDI Dashboard.

Google's Android and Apple's iOS continue to expand their dominance. Those two operating systems now run 84% of all smartphones in the United States, up from 81.7% in March, according to the comScore research. The Blackberry is fading, now accounting for only 10.7% of the market, down 1.6 percentage points since March.

Smartphone Platform Market Share (June 2012)

Source: comScore

March 2012June 2012Change
AndroidGoogle Android51.0%51.6%+0.6
Apple iOSApple iOS30.7%32.4%+1.7
RIM BlackberryRIM Blackberry12.3%10.7%-1.6
Microsoft Windows PhoneMicrosoft Windows Phone3.9%3.8%-0.1
Symbian OSSymbian OS1.4%0.9%-0.5
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