Snippets #5 6/10-7/5 2011

No. 5.2

Knight news challenge and digital innovation

The Knight News Challenge announces its 2011 winners on Wednesday, June 22. They've posted a nice (and nicely designed) slide show assessing the first two years (2007-2008) of the Challenge. View the slides, article and reports at

I've picked out my favorite slide in the deck:

Knight Hacker Journalist
The Hacker Journalist: Many of the field-building projects are focused on creating graduates with a new hybrid set of skills required to advance the future of news and information.

This slide is important, and not because we all need to grow beards and wear flannel. This hybrid set of skills, while not always embodied in one person, is becoming an essential set of skills. It will be vital to all information providers, not just those in the journalism industry. There is a lot that non-media organizations can learn from this model — just swap out "reporter" on the right with any other producer of information: researcher, philanthropist, public official, advocate, educator, academic. I wrote about this back in September. The direct integration of mission with new digital skills that this slide illustrates so well is necessary everywhere information is produced. Those outside the media who don't produce news can learn a lot from the Challenge and the innovations taking root in the news business as it adapts to an evolving digital age.

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No. 5.1

It was a big week in issues related to digital information. Here are some things to check out:

Personal Democracy Forum annual conference

More coming soon...

Health Data Initiative

More coming soon...

FCC report on information needs of communities

On Thursday, the FCC released its big report on the "information needs of communities" in a digital age, formerly known as the "Future of Media" report. I'm going to dig into this document (it's a biggie) over the coming week and pull out some important findings and recommendations. There will be plenty.

Some links for The Information Needs of Communities: The Changing Media Landscape in a Broadband Age:

FCC report page with links to individual sections

Full report (5MB PDF)

Executive summary and overview (PDF)

The Columbia Graduate School of Journalism held a follow-up discussion on Friday, June 10. The Knight Foundation has posted videos of the Columbia event, including a presentation by the report's author Steven Waldman:

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