Snippets #7 9/12-9/19 2011

No. 7.3

New York Times "App-Ed"

Today I was taking in the New York Times op-ed Mapping Mideast Peace. Noteworthy here is the transformation of the op-ed piece — a common pre-digital-age static form — into a dynamic digital application, albeit a relatively simple one. I'm calling this the "App-Ed." Has anyone else used that term before?

Created: 9/12/11   
No. 7.2

CDI in Boston, September 21-24

I'll be headed to two events in Boston next week: the Online News Association conference and the Communications Network annual conference. Follow along here and/or watch the Twitter hashtags #ONA11 and #comnetwork11.

More information on ONA

More information on Communications Network

At Comnetwork, I will be co-facilitating a "group therapy" session called Plugging Into the Digital Era along with Laura Brahm of Open Society Foundations.

Created: 9/12/11   
No. 7.1

Back from Summer

CDI is back after a not-so-lazy summer. Stay tuned for announcements this week.

Created: 9/12/11   

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