Snippets #8 11/10-12/12 2011

No. 8.4

News Institutions: Not So Social Media

The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) is out with a study of news organizations' use of Twitter. The findings add to those of a paper given at the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) in April of this year. Both studies show that the vast majority of news organizations' activity in this ostensibly social medium aren't very social at all, but promotional in nature. In the Pew study, 93% of tweets were only links to the organization's web content. Sharing, engagement, interactivity, dialogue, information gathering, asking questions — things one would classify as "social" — are extremely rare.

PEJ's study only looked at 13 individual journalist's accounts: the most-followed reporter at each news organization. It focused primarily on the content of "organizational" Twitter feeds. But interestingly, the individual reporters weren't much more social than their institutional parents.

The study probably could have done a better job of covering the breadth of Twitter use by individual journalists. For example, no widely-cited Twitter engagers like Andy Carvin or Brian Stelter. Nevertheless, the report provides some data on how journalism institutions are currently using these relatively new digital social applications — transplanting old practices into them.


Full Project for Excellence in Journalism study

PEJ study methodology

Coverage of Dale Balsingame's ISOJ paper (from Alfred Hermida)

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No. 8.3

Digitally Smart Stuff

A few "smart" things that came across the wire in recent days:

Under Armour's Smart Shirt Read more (The Atlantic)

Under Armour Smart Shirt

Nest's Smart Thermostat Read more (TechCrunch)


Tesla's Touchscreen Car Dashboard Read more (CNET)


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No. 8.2

The Cookbook Goes Digital-Native

Inkling has recreated The Professional Chef from the Culinary Institute of America as an interactive tablet application. Video below:

Some links:

Inkling takes iPad textbooks mainstream with cookbook launch (GigaOM, October 25, 2011)

Inkling's iPad cookbook is selling like crazy (GigaOM, November 10, 2011)

Inkling homepage

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No. 8.1

Headed to Communications Network and ONA, Boston

We're headed to Boston for the Communications Network and Online News Association annual conferences. Watch this space for updates.

You can follow tweets from these conferences at #comnetwork11 and #ONA11.

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